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Amazon’s Key for Business

The key to Amazon’s business is a new way to deliver packages and orders to people.Amazon is an American multinational technology company. which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. This company has been mentioned as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”. In fact, this company is the most popular e-commerce service that is widely used around the world.

How does Amazon’s Key for Business work?

Known as the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon operates at a high speed in providing its products. This company is constantly planning to create plans and methods through which more customers can access the site. to buy the desired products at an affordable price. Today, Amazon is widely considered to be the best online site out there, which even rival sites such as Walmart have not been able to match since 2015. یکی از این روش‌ها و طرح‌های موفق، استفاده از Amazon Key for Business یا کلید برای کسب و کار است.

Launched by Amazon in 2018, Amazon Key for Business is installed on a building’s access control system. Once installed, the delivery driver can access the building on the day of delivery through the Amazon Flex app, Amazon’s delivery software.
Then, after entering, the driver performs an authentication process that includes the driver’s ID, route, location and time of access to confirm the identity. Then the software gives the driver one-time access limited to a short time.
In this way, the packages and orders are delivered without disturbing and if the residents are not at home, the order can be easily placed in the building. In addition, with this software, the possibility of fraud and error is reduced and packages are delivered to residents safely and securely.

According to The Verge, according to research published in 2019, the Key for Business pilot program had a 96% success rate in the first phase, which Amazon was able to easily increase to 98%.

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The main advantages of the Amazon Key for Business method:

– Reduces workload and saves time for front desk and mailroom staff.
– It simplifies and automates delivery.
– Increases delivery compliance by 80%.
– Safe delivery of goods and orders, because packages should not be left outside.
– Reducing the risk of theft of Amazon packages.
– There is no need for the delivery person to be present, and if the owner of the package is not there, the order is not returned and left in the building.
– There is no noise and disturbance for the delivery of goods.
– Using the software, the time and hour of delivery and the person carrying the order can be determined easily.

Disadvantages of the Amazon Key for Business method:

The features and services of the Amazon e-commerce brand are expanding year by year, but sometimes one of these services can be a potential threat to apartment households.
As we said, through Amazon’s Key for Business method, package delivery agents through the software can easily access the garage, lobby and building and deliver the package without disturbing and without the need for the package owner to be present.
But that means Amazon employees, or delivery agents, have access to thousands of buildings in the United States, and in the next few years, the e-commerce service will look to expand even further.
Additionally, the company is installing the system in more buildings and apartments, using not-so-unusual business incentives like free installation and $100 gift cards, according to the Associated Press.

Do you think there might be a few people willing to do this? But thousands of families in America have agreed to use this method and this is another big success for Amazon.

Despite speeding up work and making package delivery hassle-free, having strangers enter your home or apartment can have negative consequences, and it’s quite clear that it can be a potential threat.

For example, the apartment owner provides Key for Business access to Amazon, allowing it to enter the building. But the tenants of that family may not know this, and even if they do, it could create potential security concerns for the people living in that apartment. This is just one of many scenarios we can all think of right now.

Other weaknesses of this method such as:

– Ashkan Soltani, senior technology advisor during the presidency of Barack Obama, believes that any system and software that is connected to the Internet can be hacked, and Amazon’s Key for Business is no exception to this issue, and it is possible that people’s home information can be easily obtained. Sabotage agents fall.
– This method provides automatic access only to the Amazon delivery person, and another software must be installed to receive packages or other services.

– Building security: Privacy is very important to building owners and residents. For some people, the idea of ​​the world’s largest retailer having access to their building isn’t too uncomfortable. But for some others, the issue of building security may arise and they may not agree to use this method.

– There are also questions about the ability of delivery drivers to view building access codes and the legitimacy of Key for Business Amazon agents. However, Amazon has confirmed that delivery drivers never have access to building codes and provide a phone number to verify their identity in case they are questioned or have problems.

Last word:

In the end, Amazon thinks the Amazon Key for Business method is an ideal and fast method. The company is reportedly trying to push the service to more apartment buildings in the United States. Due to the fact that this service makes delivery faster and easier, it has created a significant competitive advantage for Amazon over its competitors in the market. Today, this method has gained many fans. بنابراین، شرکت کسب و کار ارشیا پاد پارسیان، کلید برای کسب و کار را تشویق می‌کند و نصب آن را به خانواده‌های بیشتری پیشنهاد میدهد.

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