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Data theft of 3.2 million users through malware in cracked games

According to reports, more than 1.2 terabytes of user data has been stolen through malware embedded in illegal software and cracked games.
The news of users’ information being hacked is endless, and every time hackers use different methods to steal users’ information. PCGamer has published a report based on which hackers have used an interesting method to obtain user information. In this way, hackers have gone to people who use illegal or so-called cracked versions of software and computer games.
According to PCGamer’s report, NordLocker network security experts announced that a Trojan virus that has infected millions of PCs around the world has so far collected 1.2 terabytes of people’s personal information through illegal software such as cracked games and software, including Adobe Photoshop and .. It has been stolen. 1.1 million unique email addresses and 26 million user account information were among the stolen data.
NordLocker has announced that a hacker group has accidentally revealed the storage location of their stolen data. To review the content of this database, NordLocker works confidentially with an independent company that specializes in evaluating leaked information and violations of relevant laws.
According to this, 3.2 million Windows computers were apparently infected with this malware from 2018 to 2020. The hackers’ database contains 2 billion cookie data, of which about 400 million (22%) are still valid. The database also downloaded 6 million personal files from the desktop and downloads folders of these systems. These include 900,000 images and more than 600,000 Word files, and nearly 3 million text files make up the majority of these data; Of course, there are more than 100 types of information in between. Due to the large number of data and the need to manage them, malware has assigned a unique identifier to each of these data, which helps to sort it more easily.
Of course, this NordLocker report is considered as an advertisement for them. This company itself is one of the providers of one of the best IP change software for gaming purposes, which offers its encrypted cloud service to prevent such incidents. Of course, it should be noted that this really happened and the information of millions of users was stolen.
Undoubtedly, there are many malwares that are currently exploiting users’ information and have not been detected by any company or institution. As always, not using illegal software and cracked games is one of the ways that can prevent such incidents.
NordLocker says 1.1 million stolen email addresses have been uploaded to the Have I Been Pwned website, where users can see if their account was compromised. Have I Been Pwned has recently partnered with the FBI and offers many services in the field of network security.

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