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McDonald’s, the latest victim of unauthorized access to customer information

The world’s fast food giant, McDonald’s, is the latest company to be hit by a data breach, but unlike other companies like Colonial Pipeline, it has not suffered a ransomware attack. However, the data of branches in America and some information of customers in South Korea and Taiwan have been exposed.
McDonald’s became aware of such a breach after hiring people to investigate unauthorized activity in an internal security system. In the United States, data such as store capacity and dimensions have been exposed, but in South Korea and Taiwan, attackers have obtained users’ personal data.
McDonald’s said that none of the customers’ payment data was included in the leaked data, and that it will notify all customers who have had such a problem, although regulators will get more details.
This security breach did not affect McDonald’s business, and unlike Colonial Pipeline and JBS, the world’s largest supplier of red meat, its activities were not disrupted. This fast food chain said that in the coming days, it will take measures to solve the problem of disclosure of files containing the personal data of its employees in some countries.
Nevertheless, such an issue shows that giant companies are one of the important targets for attackers and how weak these companies can be against cyber attacks.
McDonald’s will not be the last victim of such breaches, and other giants will be on this list in the future, although they may not be so lucky and face a ransomware attack that will result in millions of dollars in ransom.

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