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Organizational excellence consulting

Operational excellence is very important to understand the challenges that businesses face today. Businesses that commit to operational excellence are in a position to present themselves as a provider of unparalleled customer service. AtArshiya Pad Parsian, we will work alongside your team members to provide more value to your customers with less cost and effort. Improvement of business processes Supply Chain Management Business consulting Support organizations knowledge management.

1. Improving business processes

The best word that can describe the process related to business improvement management (BPI) is the word "change". BPI is a systematic approach that aims to help organizations make significant changes in how they do business by relying on the following factors:

  1. Redefining strategic goals
  2. Aligning processes with these goals and determining market trends
  3. Optimizing the services provided to customers or stakeholders

Business process improvement plays a major role in producing innovative products and services, all aimed at total customer satisfaction. But it should be kept in mind that changes should be applied continuously. "Even the best managed systems can fail over time." The innovation process should always be at the top of a business's priority list. Therefore, we Arshiya Pod Parsiyan will be with you in all stages of design, implementation, monitoring and improvement, creating the most suitable method to optimize your business processes.

2. Supply chain management

Arshiya Pad Parsian Having a network of experts in different parts of the supply chain (demand and supply planning, sourcing and procurement, production, warehouse, transportation and distribution), we have useful experiences in domestic and foreign international companies in various industries. be Businesses facing the following problems can benefit from our services in this sector: Additional cost and rework in operational departments of lost sales due to lack of inventory or depot of unsalable goods due to lack of proper forecasting in supply and logistics, unfavorable delivery time from the point of view of customers, inconsistency in different parts of the value chain, customer dissatisfaction with operational processes and supply and delivery of goods, many stops in operational departments and unforeseen events

3. Business consulting

According to the changes and developments in the field of international trade, today, commercial companies that are looking to import goods or export their products, should check several options in these fields and with the knowledge and information enough to make decisions in different business areas; But due to the wide range of commercial activities and the rules governing these activities, gaining experience in all these fields is difficult, costly and time-consuming, hence the company By providing commercial consulting services in all commercial fields, Arshya Pad Arsian can help businessmen and businessmen to complete domestic and foreign trades with the least amount of errors and losses.

4. Supporting organizations

The main concern of every organization is the realization of the main goals and missions of that organization, and in this way, various strategies, including outsourcing, are used for greater effectiveness. Business process outsourcing or BPO has evolved with the passage of time and many innovations in technology, and the progress of BPO is growing; So that most organizations tend to use BPO for more productivity. Outsourcing is the implementation and repeatable processes within the organization, and in fact, it is a contract that the organization concludes with a third party to assign part of the operations and responsibilities of the business process to provide these services. The income from the global industry of outsourcing services is constantly increasing year by year, which shows the tendency of new management approaches towards the outsourcing of the said affairs. BPO is divided into two categories:

  1. Outsourcing of administrative units
  2. Outsourcing support units and public relations

Arshiya Pod Parsian company, having a wide relationship with a network of administrative and support units, will be with you to design the optimal outsourcing model.

5. Knowledge management

Knowledge management, knowledge management or management of scientific reserves (Knowledge Management) or abbreviated KM, is a conscious process of defining, maintaining and sharing the knowledge and experience of people in a society or organization. In the information age, the main advantage lies in knowledge capital. Knowledge in today's advanced world is rapidly becoming the main competitive advantage of organizations. The process of culminating the role of knowledge, innovation and new technologies in creating strategic advantages and the importance of finding the value of knowledge resources in the management of organizations has caused the category of knowledge management to be placed in the heart of strategic policies of organizations. Based on this, it seems necessary to pay special attention to knowledge management in order to achieve the goals of organizations. Of course, organizations cannot benefit from these functions without having a specific strategy in the use of knowledge management, and strategic policies should be formulated in this regard. Arshiya Pad Parsiyan will be by your side in all stages of editing to implementation and training. Our services evaluate, process, progress