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Reintroduction of widgets and smart feed with Windows 11

Windows 11 contains a new section that includes widgets along with news and feed (feed) customized for users, and developers will also be able to present their content in this section.
Windows 11 is packed with a host of new features to bring a completely different experience compared to its predecessor. One of these parts is the widget, which has attracted the attention of users more and more in recent years by being used in mobile operating systems.
Before the conference, it was expected that only the official Windows and Microsoft widgets would be available to users in this section. But after providing more details from the giant of the technology world, we now know that developers will also be able to develop their desired widgets and provide it to users through this section. But the development of widgets will not be the only new feature available to developers.
During the conference, Panouz Panay, the product manager of Microsoft, called the widgets section a very beautiful glass screen that has the ability to provide customized feeds for each user with the help of artificial intelligence. Developers are able to provide news and useful items to users and interact with them through this section. Also, thanks to the payment capabilities, the possibility of buying or paying gifts by users to developers is also available in this way.

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