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Strategy and financial consulting

CFOs in every geographic sector and industry face daily challenges and new demands from the board of directors, shareholders, and other internal and external sources. To be successful, financial management must meet these new demands and generate value while meeting traditional financial responsibilities.
Arshia Pad Parsian Company’s strategy and finance unit provides efficient solutions to help financial functions to increase the organization’s performance, while supporting senior financial managers to guide the company’s value and business strategy.
From strategy and assessment to implementation and interim management, our sole focus is to deliver solutions with impactful results.

1. Holding company strategy

Holding companies play an essential role in capital accumulation and allocation. These companies can direct and regulate the flow of investment towards the main capital sectors of the industry. The non-alignment of short-term and long-term goals and guidelines of the holding company and its subsidiaries can lead to not fully utilizing the group's potential. The priorities, focus and management style of the headquarters and subsidiaries may be different and lead to the destruction of the shareholders' value and the loss of the opportunity to create value. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian leads the group to success by creating a strong strategy for maintaining and communicating the holding company with its subsidiaries.

2. Family business strategy

A large number of companies around the world are family businesses. The long-term success of family businesses is definitely not an easy task due to the tendency of ownership and management to combine family roles. Long-term value for family businesses is driven by performance (business) and platform (family), and balancing these two drivers is critical. Company By designing a long-term strategy, Arshiya Pad Parsian aims to create sustainable business value and maintain family goals.

3. Value-based management strategy

Value-based management is a management philosophy that focuses on creating value in the organization and especially increasing the expected value of shareholders and stakeholders. This management approach is the process of creating, managing and measuring value. The basis of this point of view is based on the value from the customer's point of view and deals with co-creation of value and co-creation of value with customers. At a time when everything is changing, the fundamental rules of business have also changed rapidly. In such a situation, specifying the core values ​​of the organization and managing the organization based on these values ​​can be a suitable solution for the growth and survival of these organizations. Such organizations do not change their core values ​​in response to environmental changes. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian helps to implement this management method in organizations by recognizing and understanding the value drivers of each organization and determining the strategy to maximize these values.

4. Business cycle management

The business cycle is the natural ups and downs of economic growth over time. This cycle is a suitable tool for economic analysis and can help management in making better financial decisions. Designing a business cycle management model is the key to maintaining profitability. The ability to grow an organization in an efficient manner, and control the macroeconomic downturn, requires an organization that is ready and consistent in terms of costs, competencies, processes and customers. Company By designing a business cycle management model suitable for every organization, Arshiya Pad Parsian helps managers make decisions to maintain and increase profitability.

5. Business justification plan

A well-written business plan is an important tool because it gives entrepreneurs the ability to define their goals and evaluate their progress as the business begins to grow. Developing a business plan should be the first thing to do when starting a new business. Explanatory plans are also important for attracting investors or borrowing financing because it shows whether your business is on the right track and is worth investing in. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian helps businesses by using the experience of experts in compiling and evaluating these explanatory plans.

6. Development of a comprehensive process map

A comprehensive process map is a strategic management tool that depicts the flow of operations at the level of the entire organization. This tool, which is also known by different names such as process model, flow chart, etc., is very important as one of the first steps required in starting a MOF business. Company Arshaya Pad the Persians By drawing organizational processes at different levels (process group, process and activity) and determining the connections between the different activities of each process, as well as the existing connections between several processes, a correct picture of the complexity of the organization and the connections of different organizational units with each other is available to senior managers. organization and provides this possibility for them to achieve a comprehensive insight of the current situation of the organization, and through determining the set of events that lead to an output, to identify opportunities to improve work processes.

7. Strategic financial modeling

Financial users need powerful and agile tools to analyze the impact of rapidly changing business conditions and the uncertainty inherent in long-range financial forecasts. We are in the company Arshiya Pad Parsian, in close cooperation with the client, we develop models that, based on an in-depth study of modeled business processes, create multi-year complex models for investment analysis with the greatest possible detail in the structure of income and expenses.

8. Comprehensive planning and budgeting

In today's world, due to the rapid changes in technology and economic and social factors, effective planning of profit, sales and expenses is very important. Profit planning, which is called "budgeting", is one of the most common management tools to achieve the final goals of the business unit. In budgeting, several factors such as the general economic situation, government policies, the state of the company in the entire relevant industry, the possible reactions of commercial competitors and the like are considered, and managers use it for "planning" and "control". Planning includes all budgeting stages from the starting point to the stage of estimating incomes and expenses and is done before the beginning of the financial period and also provides a framework for control. Advantages of budgeting:

  • It forces management to plan.
  • It provides a specific program and provides a framework for evaluating the activities performed.
  • It is a tool for exchanging ideas and coordinating plans between all departments of the business unit and improves communication and coordination of different departments of the business unit.

Arshiya Pad Parsian company, having long experience in budget design in various industries and organizations, will be by your side in budget design and implementation according to operational processes and long-term goals.

9. Providing and implementing a financial structure in accordance with international standards

Considering the ever-increasing changes in trade and the domestic economy in order to join the global markets and the entry of foreign investors, one of the basic needs of organizations in order to show transparency to the global market is to have a financial structure that conforms to international standards while maintaining and complying with domestic laws and standards. is. Arshiya Pad Parsian, having expert and knowledgeable staff with standards and having long records in international organizations, can accompany you on the way to enter the world of global trade by creating a suitable structure.

10. Design and implementation of financial and industrial accounting

Financial Accounting Financial accounting is the process of identifying, classifying and recording the financial information of an organization and summarizing and reporting countless transactions resulting from the operation of a business at a specific point in time. These transactions are classified in financial statements and form the basis of internal and external decisions. Industrial Accounting Industrial accounting is a method that aims to obtain the production costs of an organization by calculating input costs at each step of production along with fixed production costs. In industrial accounting, in the first step, these costs are identified, measured, and recorded separately, and then by comparing the input results with the actual output results, it helps the management of the organization in measuring financial performance. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian, using her expert forces in this field, helps to set up financial, industrial and management systems in all organizations and companies and makes decision-making managers face the transparent atmosphere of their organization.

11. Presenting and implementing the property and inventory management plan

Accounting of property and inventories is considered an important part of accounting, which means that an important part of the assets of shareholders is examined and paid attention to in this section. Therefore, how to deal with this type of accounting is very important. It should be noted that the property, warehouse and sales section is important both for stock owners and internal users, and it is also important for users outside the organization, i.e. external organizations. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian uses an experienced and experienced staff to implement and implement the process of maintaining property and fixed assets as well as recording and evaluating the inventory of materials and goods in a completely specialized way.

12. Preparation and analysis of financial statements

Analysis of financial statements can be used to evaluate the performance and predict the future of companies. There are different approaches to achieve this goal. Some believe that horizontal and vertical analyzes of financial statements depict a concrete trend of a company's financial situation and provide appropriate information about the activities of the company in question. Another approach is the use of financial statements for the purpose of short-term and long-term evaluations of a company's situation, which focuses on parts of the financial statements according to each type of evaluation, and for this reason, a different category can be assigned to the analysis of financial statements. Company Arshiya Pad Parsian, relying on technical knowledge and the use of experienced personnel, provides this service in the best possible way and helps companies in preparing financial statements as well as analyzing these data.