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The new Google search feature protects the user from fake news

Last week, Google talked about a new feature in its browser search called “About this Result” at the Google I/O developer conference.
According to phonearena, the “About this result” feature was introduced to prevent the spread of fake news and misinformation and help users learn more about the source of their search results. This feature can be seen at the bottom of the website in the list of search results, and with the help of it, users can see the description of the website itself, other people’s opinions about it, and a link to its Wikipedia page.
Google’s goal in adding this feature to its search engine is to help users decide whether or not to trust a particular source. The more this feature is used, the more Google search users can use the information they get about a particular source to decide whether this source is reliable or not.
According to Google, if a user’s search brings up information he has never heard of before, the About this Result section can provide him with the necessary information, or if his search is about an important topic, such as health or financial matters, with confidence and ease. More can use the website information.
According to Google, if a website does not have a Wikipedia page, the About this Result section will show the user other content, including the date that the website was indexed by Google. This feature was first introduced in February in a post on Google’s blog and is scheduled to be activated for all searches in English at the end of May.

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